Europairs  GmbH

Aviation Consulting seit 2002


Eckhard Bergmann has an engeneering degree and is a flightengineer

2019 he had more than 17 years of consulting experience in over 20 airlines and aviation organisations in seven Europaean countries and in total 40 years of experience in the aviation industry

Additional activities / experiences as:

  • boardmember of an aviation professional organisation 
  • negotiation team leader for aircrew collective agreements 
  • technical- and Industrial research officer
  • flightengineer (17 years, 10,000 hours medium-/long-haul on Boeing B-727 and Lockheed L-1011 TRISTAR)
  • TRI for L-1011 pilots and flightengineers
  • LTI for L-1011 flightengineers
  • teacher in captains upgrading courses (B-757/767)